April 21, 2013

The Hunger Games | Catching Fire - Exclusive Teaser Trailer

The movie that is not just about life, love, victory and politics. It's about a revolution... and FASHION. (Especially the people at the Capitol) :)

I have watched the first movie and I am excited to see this one. Though I haven't read any of the books I hope to finish them before this second movie comes out. This will be on our theaters November 22, 2013. 

And speaking of fashion here's Katniss' fashion moments in the Hunger Games movie. The Girl On Fire.

The Girl On Fire: Katniss
How would like a dress that literally fires up? Simple AWESOME! :D

And more to come on the next entry of the Hunger Games movie.
A Portrait from Capitol Couture
You can check out these sites for more of the Capitol Fashion.

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