May 2, 2013

Travel Diaries | Taytay Rizal : Shopping Fabric

Last Tuesday, I went to one of the biggest fabric market in the Philippines. Personally this is my fabric haven... Taytay, Rizal.

Here, fabrics were sold in bulk sizes. They were sold almost Php 100 and above per kilogram. Yes, the cabrics were weighed (Per Kilo).

There were fabrics that were sold per yard but in a very cheap price. I got mine for Php 45 per yard as compared to mall prices.

I just got to shop on one store simply because we were in a hurry and the weather is so hot! @.@ I can't find the willingness to go around anymore.

But as I observed, there were really a lot of stores and I can't wait to come back for more!!! I also had a budget and I want to limit myself from buying too much.

Now, I'm so excited to make awesome designs for my summer line for La Moda Preciosa.

As seen in my Instagram.

I'll keep you guys posted! Until my next trip to Taytay! ;)

~ Ciao! ♥


What is your latest travel escapade? :)

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