June 20, 2013

DIY | All Wrapped Up! | Stylish Cables: iPhone Charger

Are you having trouble with crazy cables? Tangled all over your bag or all over each other? Well, that has been my problem ever since. And have you experienced cables being stripped off at the ends? I don't know why they happen, maybe because of using it too often and the heat from charging. The outer skin of the cable expands and eventually breaks.

Well, this solution is definitely NOT my original idea. I saw this one from a friend and I asked him what that was and he told me it was his old charger that he just "styled" for protection from dirt (since he got the white cable from iPhone) and from breaking at the ends.

Last weekend, I went to the craft store and saw some yarns. Then it hit me. I remembered my friend's cable and decided to try it out myself. My very own Stylish iPhone Charger Cable. 

Do you remember the Friendship Bracelets you did when you were in high school? Well, I did! And I have done a lot of them before. And it was like going back memory lane and doing it with a "techie" twist. 

How to Make Stylish Cables


  • Yarn / Crochet Cotton / DMC Threads (colors depending on your design & preference)
  • Scissors
  • Scotch Tape / Masking Tape / Glue (optional)
  • Charger Cables / Earphones
  • Patience ;)

1. You need to prepare all your materials especially your cables.

2. Tie a not at the first end, at the very neck of your cable. 

3. As you secure your not, you can start wrapping it up using your yarn. 

You can do different styles of "wrapping" but I chose the very simple and basic by just wrapping them around. Spares me a lot of time ;)

You can also have your cable secure at one end by taping them on a table or wherever you want. Just secure them from moving around. This is optional. It depends on your preference and difficulty of wrapping style.

4. When you reach the end, just make a simple knot or you can do the "Loop Closing". I did the knot, since I am quite in a hurry. Then just cut off the excess yarn.

5. Lastly you can crochet a few inch of cable or braid them (whatever you want) at the end of your cable. This few inch of cord can hold your cables together when you pack them up.

Then that's it! 

Congratulations! You now have your stylish cable. ;)

Here's my finished product. I'll be doing more designs soon, then I'll share them to you. 

Hope you learned from this! ;) Show me your finish products too! Would love to see your creative side. ;)

All Wrapped-Up! :D
Be Stylish. Be Fashionable. Be Unique!

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