June 1, 2013

Fashion Project | "Guerrero Creative"

Celebration of Firsts | Guerrero Creative

Fashion Project | "Guerrero Creative"

Celebrating "Firsts" with family is the best thing yet! This May 2013 we had a collaboration with the bests in the industry of Photography, Events, Modeling and Fashion -- The Guerrero Family.

Yes, our family were all "artists" by nature, and we have decided to collaborate and give our "creativeness" a try. And it was more than we had expected.

This photo represents our teamwork and creativity. My cousin, Carlo Ma. Guerrero, was a renowned photographer of fashion, events, gadgets and a whole lot more. He's married to an awesome woman, Cristina Tanseco-Guerrero, the founder and managing director of Ideal Models International. Our model for the shoot was Zee Figueroa which is the newest face of Ideal Models. And she is going to be the new face of our fashion business New Creation Fashion by my Mom, Evelyn Guerrero. She's also going to be modeling for my new line La Moda Preciosa. Hair and makeup was done by yours truly. This was my very first photoshoot gig, and I'm looking forward to working on my passion (Fashion & Beauty) with a great team, the Guerrero Creative Enterprise.

Fashion Project | "Guerrero Creative" | New Creation Fashion
Gown by New Creation Fashion designed by Evelyn Guerrero. Hair & Makeup by Aimee Guerrero.

It was so fun working with family. Everything worked out well the first time. And I'm just so excited for the next projects.

Be Inspired. Be Creative.


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