June 23, 2013

Yellow Mustard Sunday | OOTD

Mustard + Indian

It's a busy Sunday for me. And I have been very bus for the past few days. I'm currently cooking up a new Holiday 2013 collection for La Moda Preciosa. I'm working on pirnts and I fell inlove with this Indian Prints that I saw while searching for fabrics in Taytay Rizal. I got three fabrics of this kind and worked out detail on arranging the pattern.

For this skirt, I mixed the horizontal lines to make the illusion of height and width. Elongated figure with wider and sexier hips.

I call this the "PRISCILLA" Skirt. :) Made of soft cotton with lining in Indian Prints. These will be available soon at La Moda Preciosa's online store.

I paired it with this vibrant purple wedge from Coleslaw.

Here is another Priscilla Skirt I wore to the office. This one's in Blue & Pink.
As posted on my Instagram.

Love Your Prints.

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