June 8, 2013

Pink Elegance | New Creation Fashion

Pink Debutante

Pink Elegance | New Creation Fashion

The new face of Ideal Models International, Zee Figueroa was wearing an haute couture debutante gown designed by Evelyn Guerrero of New Creation Fashion.

Pink Elegance | New Creation Fashion

This is one of our lined up gowns during our photoshoot. Personally, I am inlove with this gown. It is so feminine with the layered organza in orange, yellow, light blue and pink. It is your perfect gown for the summer! Asymmetrical train adds up to the elegance of the dress. Silver appliques were added to the bodice for additional glamour.

Pink Elegance | New Creation Fashion | Makeup By Aimee G.

Making Zee's look was challenging and easy at the same time. Easy because her face was so flawless and smooth. There's nothing much to correct and her face is really beautiful. Challengine because for this shoot, I need to make her a bit more mature than her age. This 16 year old lady was modeling for Ideal Models International and we were very blessed to have a very talented people working with us.

Until the next shoot! For more details on New Creation Fashion, visit our Facebook Page.

New Creation Fashion by Evelyn Guerrero

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