July 10, 2013

Garnier Pure Active Anti Acne Products | Reviews

Garnier Skin Naturals

Pure Active

I have been trying out these products from Garnier for quite some time now. I have a major breakout early this month and I have been looking for the best solution. Friends have been advising for me to get products with salicylic acid.

After some research, I saw these products by Garnier.

Garnier Pure Active Anti Acne

1. The Garnier Pure Active Anti-Imperfections Roll-On was part of my May 2013 BDJ Box, together with other Garnier items. This is the only product from their Pure Active line that was included in the box. I have tried it for some time already and indeed it dried up my acne overnight!

Garnier Pure Active Anti Acne

Description: Anti-imperfection action: Concentrated in Purifying Salicylic acid, its fresh non greasy formula quickly dries  out imperfections instantly.
   Anti-marks fading action: Enriched with HerbaRepair, known for its regenerating and repairing properties, it helps to improve skin, minimize redness and fade marks.
   - Dermatologically tested on Asian acne-prone skin - 
Usage: Apply directly onto and around imperfections and their marks as soon as they appear. Continue applications until they have cleared. Avoid eye area. If the metal ball is blocked or if a film appears, clean it before usage.
This product has concentrated Salicylic Acid to treat your acne. It removes inflamation instantly. You just need to put a small amount of product on your acne through the roll-on and leave it there through the night. I prefer using this at night because in the morning I put powder and foundation which leaves white marks on the area where I applied the Garnier Roll-On.


  • Very affordable (Php 199)
  • Very effective overnight - really dries up acne, fast!
  • No foul smell
  • Very handy for out-of-town trips. Fits easily to any pouch.
  • Packaging is very nice - pen type solution; you can apply directly to the problem areas only

  • You can feel a strange sting-y feel after application - so make sure you apply it only to your problem areas.
  • If used too often, may cause a burning sensation on skin. Be careful not to damage the skin. We want to heal it, not destroy it.

Rating: 5/5

Will I buy it again? Yes! This will be very helpful and handy whenever I have "monthly" break-outs.

Garnier Pure Active Anti Acne

2. The Garnier Pure Active Multi-Action Scrub was a result of my urgent need to stop my major breakouts from happening. Due to advise from friends and colleagues, I went out and searched for a good facial wash with salicylic acid. And  by having Garnier's Pure Active Roll-On, I immediately went ahead and looked for a facial scrub.

Garnier Pure Active Anti Acne
   Description: Oily skin, pimples, whiteheads, dirt, enlarged pores and irregular texture? Garnier Pure Active Multi-Action Scrub with gentle micro-beads contains purifying salicylic acid, an efficient and anti-bacterial active, combined with regenerating HerbaRepair from blueberry extract to visibly fight 6 signs of acne day after day. 
Usage: Gently massage on wet face, lather instantly. Rinse off with water. Avoid eye area.
Garnier Pure Active Anti Acne

As you can see, this product is not just a facial wash, it is a facial scrub. If you look closely, it has beads that exfoliates the skin and removes dirt from your pores.

Garnier Pure Active Anti Acne

For me, this is best used with warm water. Since the warm water will open up pores which allows the scrub to really cleanse it underneath. I have used this product and I have seen my whiteheads and blackheads gradually decrease. Also, my breakouts have lessened.

Garnier Pure Active Anti Acne

To remove your acne, sometimes it all about treatment and cleansing. And these two products have offered both.


  • Affordable; I got mine for only Php 85 (50 ml); the bigger one (100 ml) costs Php 150
  • No strong smell
  • Lathers up well
  • The scrub is not painful or harsh on my skin

  • When you rub too much, it may cause some redness on your face. Use with care.
  • I think I'll like it better if it is a gel type. 

Rating: 3.5/5
Well I have seen and experienced better ones. But this can be a good one as well. You can buy it an any drugstore and it is available in supermarkets. 

Will I buy this again: It depends, I am not 100% for this product but it is a good one for its kind. 

Take Care Of Your Skin!

Be Gentle.

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