July 9, 2013

Lovely ME:EX Paint Nails RD302 by The Face Shop | Reviews

The Face Shop
Lovely ME:EX Paint Nails RD302

The Face Shop is a Korean brand here in the Philippines and I've been so addicted to their Nail Polish line. They have tons of product from skin care, body care, hair care and make-up. And one of their popular line is their Nail Care.

Lovely ME:EX Paint Nails RD302

Everything is made from Korea, so even their website is Korean. (www.thefaceshop.com) so I can't check them out, because I do not speak Korean. But anyway they have english sites which is their International Website (http://international.thefaceshop.com).


I am looking for the perfect Red Lacquer that is good quality but not too expensive. So I went up and looked for one from The Face Shop. It comes from the line Lovely ME:EX. I have been a fan of their nail color line since it is wide range and very affordable. You can get one for only Php 95.

Lovely ME:EX Paint Nails RD302
Lovely ME:EX Paint Nails RD302

I also do my own nails because I do not have the time to go to a Salon and have my nails done. So I shop for polishes and do my nails whenever I have some time to spare. And luckily I have today! So I changed my nails to a Dashing Red! ;)

Lovely ME:EX Paint Nails RD302

Lovely ME:EX Paint Nails RD302


- Pigmented - I just applied two coats of this on my nails.
- RD302 is a very good pigment of RED.
- Dries fast. So if you are an on-the-go type of person, this is for you!
- It is not sloppy. It has a very thin and very liquid texture
- It glides well on the nails
- Can be applied easily because of the wide brush
- Shiny finish (you can have it worn without the clear finish, but you can put some for protection)
- Thin application on nails. It does not feel heavy.

- It may chap easy because of the thin finish.
- It can last for more than a week, but you can experience chapped colors already after 5 days. (depends on your activity and if you placed Clear Nail Polish)

Rating: 5/5 

Will I buy this again? DEFINITELY! It is cheap and with the range of colors! I can change my nails as often as I want to! I can mix and match and it's very easy to apply.

What is your favorite The Face Shop Nail Color?

Lovely ME:EX Paint Nails RD302

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