July 11, 2013

NYX Eyebrow Marker in EBM02 Deep | Reviews

Eyebrow Marker


So I visited the NYX Store at SM North Edsa the other day and made a mini haul. One of the items that I bought is the NYX Eyebrow Marker. 

It says "LONG LASTING". Let's see how well this baby works!

I got the one in DEEP because the lighter one is too light for me and will not match my hair color. (Maybe if I go to copper blonde again). So, to try this one out I bought this for Php 630. It is a bit too pricey, but when the saleslady told me that it is one of their best sellers I got curious. So I asked her why, then she told me that this pen LASTS LONG. Good for workouts! 

I immediately got one and was really looking forward to use them!

I also liked that it is Paraben-Free.

I loved that it has a felt-tip. The felt-tip pen was just like that of some waterproof eyeliners in the market which is the first time I saw for eyebrows. When I tried this over the counter, I got really nervous because it might be too "dark" -- given that it's PEN like. But, to my surprise...

It looks amazing!!! The liquid formula was not too pigmented thus you can really keep your eyebrows looking natural. Plus, the deep shade was not too dark at all. It draws very smoothly and immediately. You do not need to put a lot because it draws the line in an instant.

You can easily draw your eyebrows with this type of pen. It makes a precise outcome without the fear of putting "too much." 

Now for the ultimate test, will it last? So the easiest way to try if it lasts long is to smudge it. I know every one of us at the middle of the day will try to put on powder or blot our faces due to oil. And often, we accidentally cover up our brows and they tend to... smudge and disappear. So you will need to re-touch those brows as well.

So I tried to TEST it.

Can you see the difference? I smudge the pen when it was a bit wet. Maybe because I got so excited to "test" it, I wasn't able to allow it to be completely dry. But then again, you can still see that what I drew on my hand STAYED. Not 100%, but it's still there!

I allowed it to be dry for a few minutes and then SMUDGE it a little bit MORE!

... and more... and more... and more.

And voila!

Can you still see it? Yes, it is still there.

Well, honestly, you will not go outside and smudge / rub your eyebrows just to see if it works right? But what if you're hitting the gym? Or it's a hot humid day. You oiled up or sweat up then accidentally rubbed your hand over your forehead and also your eyebrows. Doomed? 

With this one, you will have no worries! Here's my ALL DAY challenge for this little genius.

As you can see, the one on the left was my morning shot. I still looked happy fresh (my lipstick's still on, LOL). Then after I went home from work was the one on the right. No more eyeliner, no more lipstick, but I still have my eyebrows.

Yes, it did stay long. :)


  • Lightweight on skin and on my purse
  • Very handy
  • Felt-tip helped me make a precise drawing of my brow
  • Staying Power - TRUE!
  • The pigment fits well
  • Consistency of liquid is good
  • Worth every penny.

  • Pricey for a brow liner as compared to the regular eyebrow pencils.

Rating: 10/5 (I really loved it!) 

Will I buy this again? YES! Can I buy one now.. AGAIN? :)

Have you tried this product already? What do you think about it?

Be BROW-eautiful!
Frame your beautiful eyes and let it shine!


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