August 1, 2013

E.L.F. Flawless Eyeshadow: Party Purple & Sea Escape | Review

E.L.F. Flawless Eyeshadow

Hello! How was your week so far? I would like to share to you my current loot from e.l.f. (eyes.lips.face.) I guess these two are both from e.l.f.'s Fall 2012 Collection. The Flawless Eyeshadow.

Two of the awesome items from the loot are the Flawless Eyeshadow in Party Purple and Sea Escape. As you can see, they are great shades. I can't wait to try them out.

The packaging is really good. They have sponge applicators which I seldom use. I always use brushes but there's something about the texture of these palettes that make them very difficult for brushes. That's a bummer. So I'll go ahead and use the sponge for swatches.

Party Purple

Party Purple is a mix of purple and pink shades. It is a Quad Palette with 4 shades that tells you where to put them. But you can still use them any way you want, which I will also do. Some where also quite a bit more "shimmery" than the others. 

For this palette though, there's not much "matte" shades. I think LINE is a little matte than the others. But what I'm really disappointed is the pigmentation. The darker colors have less pigmentation. The lighter ones like the BASE are a little pigmented but not much.

Hand Swatch for Party Purple
I tried dipping my hands over the colors and still I'm not quite "amazed". The LID is a nice shade of Old Rose, but it really lacks pigmentation. Also the CREASE has too much "shimmer" I suppose. Not a very powerful palette for me.

Arm Swatch for Party Purple
I tried it in my arm with NO PRIMER at all. I was shocked. I can't seem to really make a strong shade out of this palette! I don't know if my skin is the problem, or is it really the palette? I used the sponge for application which I think is best if I used my hand instead! If the sponge gave terrible pigmentation, the brush did worst! There's so many fall-outs that I really, really, really, hate. The CREASE and LID falls out more for this palette. 

For better results, PLEASE do use a primer.

Sea Escape

Sea Escape is a quad of "sea" colors. Two of them are matte (LID and LINE) while the BASE and CREASE is sheer. 

I have tried it again on my hand to see the consistency and pigmentation of the colors. I think if I use my fingers to apply them, it would be as pigmented as this. I hope so. Because when I use their sponge applicator or brush, it's just not working as expected. 

Hand Swatch for Sea Escape.
As you can see, the CREASE and LINE has very much little pigmentation on both hands and arm. For the CREASE there's too much "glitter" and fall-outs. Same as the BASE. The color is not as STRONG as it should be. But when the BASE and LID is mixed together, the "matte" finish of the LID pops up the color for quite a bit.
Arm Swatch for Sea Escape.
I like this quad better than the Party Purple. Maybe because of the mix of matte and sheer which I don't thin Party Purple has. I think the purple one is all SHEER. But both of them has too many fall outs. For the arm swatch, no primer was used.

I used Sea Escape in a post. Click Here.


Use your hands when applying them! And definitely use a very good PRIMER. Without primer, the color will just be .... blah!


  • Color selection. There's quite a lot of colors / quads to choose from which is really good. There are 7 colors / palettes available in the market.
  • The tagging on where to put the color. BASE, LID, CREASE and LINE.
  • Texture is smooth.
  • Cheap. You can get it for only Php 199.75 at any drugstore / department store or online

  • Fall-outs. The colors are a bit chalky. There's just too many. :(
  • Pigmentation. Not as expected. It's very hard to make the colors pop. Primers should be used and color should be applied a lot of times.
  • Needs primer. A LOT OF IT and a very strong / good one!
  • Will not last that long. It gets faded really fast, since it's not very pigmented in the first place!

Rating: 3.4/5

  • Packaging - 3/5
  • Quality - 2/5
  • Staying Power - 2/5
  • Availability - 4/5
  • Price - 5/5

Will I buy it again? I'll buy the Brown ones for everyday use. But this one? Maybe not.

Have you tried using other E.L.F. Flawless Eyeshadow? What do you think? :)

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