October 22, 2013

Chanel Le Vernis - 507 Tendresse | Review

Nail Polish Review:

Chanel Le Vernis

Chanel Le Vernis - 507 Tendresse

Talk about back-logs, here's a nail color that I got 2 months ago! My very first Chanel Nail Lacquer. Yay! I got so excited because I got them on SALE. Yes, on sale from Rustan's Makati.

Chanel Le Vernis - 507 Tendresse

Kudos to my friend who shared their employee sale with me so I got this half the price. This is really sold at Php 1,250 available in Rustan's Makati.

Chanel Le Vernis - 507 Tendresse

This is my first designer polish which makes me really excited to try it out. One difference it has from all the other drug store polish is the quality of smoothness during application. On this photo, I used two coatings and the color was perfect. 

Chanel Le Vernis - 507 Tendresse

You just need to apply final coating of clear polish with quick dry since the consistency of this polish was a bit thick. It doesn't dry very quick so you need some Quick Dry afterwards. As you can see, my pinkie got caught up. :/

Chanel Le Vernis - 507 Tendresse


  • Color / Pigmentation
  • Smooth on application
  • Packaging is very durable
  • One to two coats is enough
  • Durable color. It can last longer than the regular brands.

  • Too expensive
  • Limited stocks
  • Only available in stores like Rustan's

RATING: 3.6/5

Packaging - 4/5
Quality - 4/5
Staying Power - 5/5
Availability - 3/5
Price - 2/5

Will I buy it again? I think I will invest on designer polish once or twice a year. But not as often as I would with drugstore brands. And I will mostly get colors that I can use for everyday. More on neutrals I guess..

Have you tried the Chanel Le Vernis? What color is your favorite?


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