August 19, 2015

Fresh Rocker Chic

Girl-next-door meets Rocker Chic. Who says you can't have both worlds?

Try on some fresh laid back white top with your cropped jeans. Wear some sneackers for a bit of sporty edge or ballet-flats for that easy-going chic.

Choose from denim jacket for a bit of sweet approach or leather jacket for that punk rock feel!

Be on top of your game with some winged eyes and coral lips.

Simplicity is key. ROCK ON!

Fresh Rocker Chic

Sleeveless top
985 PHP -

Balenciaga leather motorcycle jacket
83,350 PHP -

Blue jacket
810 PHP -

H&M blue jeans
1,450 PHP -

Repetto slip-on shoes
13,660 PHP -

Converse leather shoes
3,225 PHP -

Converse sneaker
1,850 PHP -

Gucci gold cross necklace
73,855 PHP -

Alexa Starr gemstone jewelry
535 PHP -

Charlotte Tilbury lip gloss
1,020 PHP -

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