March 20, 2017

#FABGadgets | Dreamwave: BUBBLE PODS Review

DREAMWAVE: Bubble Pods (Review)

"Best-in-Class sound performance to go where you go!"

Ever wanted to carry your music with you in a stylish and cool way? A new bluetooth speaker brand has came in here in the Philippines and introduced the coolest set of speakers I have ever seen!

Dreamwave: BUBBLE PODS (

What caught my eye is their cute BUBBLE POD! The Bubble Pod is the entry level of Dreamwave which is ultra-light with child and outdoor IPX5 protection against water, dust or sand. It is very much handy, fits perfectly on my small hands.

What I love about the BUBBLE POD? 

It is very compact with a size of 3.94 x 3.07 x 1.81 inches with 1800 mAh battery on Bluetooth 4.0. It has a staying power of 5 hours in FULL max volume. In the regular playing volume it may last upto 12 hours, which can be very useful in my kind of lifestyle.

Dreamwave: BUBBLE PODS (colors)
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I really like that it comes in 4 colors: BLUE, GREEN, YELLOW and PINK. Oh yes, PINK!!! It's very fun to look at and carry. It has a circular loop as part of the packaging which makes it easy for you to hang anywhere or even slip on your belt so you can have your music literally ANYWHERE!

Dreamwave: BUBBLE PODS (

Having the IPX5 protection, you dont have to worry about it getting wet beside the pool. What is IPX5?

"A speaker with a rating of IPX-5 can withstand water jets from any angle. Imagine spraying your speaker with your garden hose for an extended period of time...yep, an IPX-5 speaker will still be blasting after that. " - MediaBug
Dreamwave: BUBBLE PODS (

So you can bring you Bubble Pods even in the shower. How cool is that?

Sound Quality

I tried it at max volume, and it really delivers good quality sound without cracking unlike other portable bluetooth speakers. You can hear and feel the bass (low frequency) at 40Hz when tested using the Low Frequency Test, which is not bad for a small handy Bluetooth speaker. The high frequencies are very good and audible, so it can really deliver great quality of sound. I also tried flipping one side over on a surface and the sound is still good, although not as loud as when the speaker itself is facing up. But you can still hear the sounds whichever side you listen to, thus the omnidirectional quality (not 100% omnidirectional for me).

Dreamwave: BUBBLE PODS (Packaging)

Dreamwave: BUBBLE PODS (Packaging)

Dreamwave: BUBBLE PODS (Packaging)


For the packaging, it is surrounded with a protective rubber for the buttons and plugs. However the flap on the plug might be a bit loose sometimes, so be careful to put it back properly. I don't know how it will stand when it is used for a long time or if exposed to heat / sun. The buttons are not difficult to press and a blue light turns on when the speaker is turned on and blinks when it is connecting or looking for Bluetooth device. It is also covered with metal nets of two layers (outer is black, inner is pink) which protects it from water, dust or sand. It is very durable and handy, it doesn't slip on your hand or pockets due to the rubber.

Dreamwave: BUBBLE PODS (Connectivity)

Bluetooth Connectivity

It's very easy to search for the Bubble Pods, because when you connect your phone it simply says "Bubble Pods". Also when you already had a device connected or paired with your Bubble Pod, it remembers it and connects automatically. When you press the Bluetooth button, the music starts immediately where you left it, in my case that's on my Spotify Playlist.


  • 5W Performance Speaker (Best-in-Class)
  • 1-3/4 inch Dipole Speaker
  • IPX5 Water/Dust/Sand/Snow Protection
  • Bluetooth CSR 4.0 + EDR, A2DP AVRCP, APTX
  • 1,800mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • Play time: Up to 12 Hours (5 Hours Max Volume, Full Bass Status)
  • Hands Free Calling and NFC Ready
  • 360° Omnidirectional Sound Processor (One side is still stronger than the other)
  • Hi-Fi Sound and Anti-Distortion Circuitry
  • Multi-Colors: Baby Blue, Bubblegum Pink, Jolly Green, Sunshine Yellow

What's in the box? 

  • Bubble Pod
  • User's Manual
  • USB to Micro USB charger cable
  • 3.5mm Auxiliary Cable
  • Warranty Card
  • Dreamwave Sticker


I'm having so much fun with my Dreamwave Bubble Pod, because the battery and playtime lasts long at its very durable and handy. Foir its price of Php 2,400, it's definitely worth it. Indeed it's the Best-In-Class sound performance wherever you go!

Dreamwave: BUBBLE PODS Review


  • Durable packaging
  • Long playtime
  • Good bass quality
  • At max volume, you can hear sound at full quality
  • Great color selection
  • Size is perfect for the pocket
  • The circular/loop handle is good so you can hang it anywhere
  • Quick charging
  • Water / Splash resistant ;) Tried it in the shower

  • Semi omnidirectional (not 100%, maybe 90-95%)
  • The rubber on the plug may loose a bit (you need to make sure you attach it well after plugging)
  • Hands free calling is OK, but sometimes the microphone is not so sensitive. You have to use it very closely. 

RATING: 4.3/5

Packaging - 4.5/5
Quality - 4.5/5
Staying Power - 5/5 
Availability - 3/5 (looking forward for more stores to carry this brand, but hey, you can order it online!)
Price - 4.5/5

Will I buy it again / recommend it? YES! ~ it's a great gift idea as well. Definitely for music lovers on the go!

Have you tried the Bubble Pods or any Dreamwave Bluetooth Speaker lately? Let me know what you think on the comments!

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