May 18, 2013

SM Aura at The Fort, Taguig | Travel Diaries

May 17, 2013
The newest shopping mall in Metro Manila finally opened! 

The SM Aura Premier.
Travel Diaries | SM Aura

It is located along McKinley Parkway and C5 Road cor. 26th St., Bonifacio Global City (BGC), Taguig City, Philippines. It is the first SM Supermall in Taguig City. Beside it is the popular and its rival mall "Market! Market!".

I was so excited to visit the mall yesterday due to the very popular "Sarah Jessica Parker" visit for the Pre-Opening Celebration of SM Aura. It's all over the internet: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter... News. They were really able to take SM Malls to a higher level. And I was very curious.

Thus, the travel to SM Aura.
Click "Read More" to see what's inside and how to get there.

How to get there?

Travel Diaries | SM Aura

Well there are ways to get to SM Aura. It is just beside Market! Market! so you just need to take the buses, jeeps or FX to Taguig, specifically to Market! Market!. There are a few terminals where you can get a ride to the place.

BGC Bus at the MRT Ayala Station

Travel Diaries | SM Aura
Click image to Enlarge.

Which is accessible even if you take LRT-1 or LRT-2. Just transfer at the junction stations then go to MRT to Ayala Station. Then take the BGC Bus (Air-conditioned Bus) that goes to Market! Market!. The only problem here is that the Bus will go through all the bus stops to get and drop-off passengers.

Jeepneys at the MRT Ayala Station

This is located at the back of the Shell Gasoline Station. They will go directly to Market! Market! which is easier than taking the BGC Bus.

Jeepney from Guadalupe

Take the jeepney with signage "Guadalupe - Fort Bonifacio Gate 3" or "SM Aura".

Jeepney from Taft

Ride a jeepney with signage "Guadalupe - Ilalim" then get off the jeep at the Guadalupe Commercial Center then ride another jeepney to "Fort Bonifacio Gate 3" or "Market! Market!".

Taxi Cab

The best way to do it, is just take the cab. LOL! When all else fails, a cab can be the best option. Just prepare enough money for your fair. 
Well, since it was my first time, I can just walk you through the places I went to last night. And it was not a lot. Why? First, there was a huge crowd at the mall yesterday. It was just like everybody wants to see what SM Aura got to offer this time.

Travel Diaries | SM Aura Travel Diaries | SM Aura

Travel Diaries | SM Aura
Can you see the volume of people!?!? It was crazy!

A lot of designer brands were inside though almost 50% was still not opened though the store brands were already displayed. So basically, you already know what to expect. You just need to wait for them to finally open.

Here's a few:

Travel Diaries | SM Aura Forever 21
The 2-storey Forever 21.
Though I was not able to capture on camera, beside it is another 2-storey shop, UNIQLO.

Travel Diaries | SM Aura Starbucks
The biggest Starbucks YET -- in any SM Mall. :) (I think...)

Travel Diaries | SM Aura Suite Blanco

Travel Diaries | SM Aura Penshoppe

Travel Diaries | SM Aura Mochi Sweets
A bigger are for great desserts! :)

Travel Diaries | SM Aura National Bookstore

Another thing we checked is the Food Court and Cinemas which are both on the 4th Level.

Travel Diaries | SM Aura Food On Four
... Thus the name "Food on FOUR"

Travel Diaries | SM Aura Food On Four

Travel Diaries | SM Aura Food On Four
Their Food Court has a cozier feel maybe because of the plant decors. Also It has only a few food stalls. Not as crowded as the usual SM Food Court. 

Travel Diaries | SM Aura Cinema
A smaller entrance area for cinemas. I almost missed it. But maybe the inside is bigger... We just passed by.

Travel Diaries | SM Aura Cinema
Yup ;) We can watch 3D Movies near Makati!
I also checked my favorite store of all time... WATSONS. Lol!

Travel Diaries | SM Aura Watsons

It has a new logo, which is "black" or "dark grey"... but definitely it's not the usual "BLUE". So I went inside and checked what's new. 

I found some new brands (well, maybe brands that I am not familiar to at least). And I am very excited to go back here and try these babies out!

Travel Diaries | SM Aura Watsons
CLIO Peripera

Travel Diaries | SM Aura Watsons
Pinkies Collection 
Travel Diaries | SM Aura Watsons
Pinkies Collection
Travel Diaries | SM Aura Watsons
Travel Diaries | SM Aura Watsons
Travel Diaries | SM Aura Watsons
Been looking for something like this in a VERY LONG TIME! :D (well, something accessible and affordable as well)
Travel Diaries | SM Aura Watsons

Travel Diaries | SM Aura Watsons
Majolica Majorca
Travel Diaries | SM Aura Watsons

Well, there it is! I hope you were informed about some of the new things in SM Aura. It is worth the visit, but maybe not during peak hours like after office or weekend. I tell you, EVERYBODY's curious! So, just wait a while then visit when all the excitement has already stabilized. Also, wait for the other stores to open so that you'll have more things to check out on.

Happy travel! 
Try out new things! 
Visit new places! 
And just ENJOY!

Have a great day!

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